Airliner Adventures

Welcome to Airliner Adventures, at Threshold Aviation. We are Canada's first open to the public flight simulator. Located near Lester B. Pearson International Airport in Toronto, we are easily accessible by car, public transit, and foot.

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Our 737NG simulator is made from the cockpit of a real Boeing 737 aircraft. In it's past life, it flew for United Shuttle in the United States on routes such as Los Angeles to San Fransisco and Chicago to Ohama. In 2004 for numerous reasons, including the downfall of air travel and the soaring cost of fuel, this aircraft was retired and sent to Miami in Flordia to be parted out. Airliner Adventures (then Horizon Aviation) acquired the aircraft in 2005 and began work immediately to upgrade the cockpit to the state-of-the art simulator that it is today.

About the Aircraft

With 8,725 aircraft built as of September 2015, the Boeing 737 is the most popular commercial airliner globally. It is estimated that every three to five seconds, somewhere in the world, a 737 takes off or lands.

The 737-700 is Boeing's mid-sized option of the 737NG, seating roughly 130 passengers. At it's maximum takeoff-weight of 70,000 kilograms, the pilots will use up to the maximum 117 kilonewtons (26,000 lbf) of thrust per engine. Barreling down the runway, the aircraft takes to the sky at upwards of 230 km/h (125 knots), and will climb skyward toward it's cruising altitude as high as 12,500 meters (41,000 feet). The average cruise speed is almost 0.78 times the speed of sound (830 km/h)! That's fast enough to get from Toronto to Vancouver in four hours!